Write for Nurse Focus

We’re always on the look out for writers with expertise in healthcare. Whether you are a fellow nurse, doctor, student or even a patient with a viewpoint you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

Essentially, if you have insight and experience within any facet of the medical profession, your writing could be a great fit with what we publish here on NurseFocus.

How will you benefit?

Unfortunately NurseFocus.net is not in a position to pay for contributing articles at this stage. The small amount of funds the site currently makes all go back into helping keep the lights on so to speak, (hosting, security and all sorts of other technical issues).

What we can offer however, is the promise that your published contribution will read by visitors to Nurse Focus from all over the world. Published articles are also shared across a range of social media channels, as well as other platforms we use to promote our content.

What we are looking for

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We recommend that you contact us before sending acrosss a finished article. We will not neccessarily accept unsolicted material, and we would rather you didn’t waste your time.

We do have a few requirements on the type of articles that do make the grade however. Firstly, they must be well-researched, factually correct and linked to references where applicable. As mentioned above, an insider’s perspective is very important – put simply, you need to know your subject.

Beyond this, a light and readable tone is required. The average attention span is down from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds now; that’s quite a shift which means a cumbersome, verbose style of writing just doesn’t work online.

The finished piece also needs to be free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

On the subject of product reviews, we ask that you have a good working knowledge of the item being written about.

How to Apply?

If you would like to write for Nurse Focus, please send us a message using the form below. You can also email direct at: admin@nursefocus.net

Within the message, please provide us with type of article, (review, guide, general new or commentary) and a proposed title along with some bullets on what the piece will cover.

If we would like to take the proposal further, we will likely ask for a short example of your work to evaluate your writing form, style, and overall expertise.

Good luck, and look forward to hearing from you.