U.K Based Nurses’ Charity to Expand Reach Around the World

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In my efforts to report on good, positive nursing news just as much as I do the pandemic, nursing shortages, and other crises to hit our sector today, this item got my attention this morning.

A charity in the U.K called The Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) has revealed plans to become a “global organization.

I have followed the positive work of the foundation for many years, and to hear that they will be spreading their wonderful ethos (and of course efforts) to assist nurses and midwives around the world is very exciting.

Chief executive of the foundation, Professor Greta Westwood, confirmed at a conference based in East Anglia, England, that a “global strategy” to support colleagues across the world had been approved.

Chair of the foundation, Dame Yvonne Moores described it as a “momentous step forward” for the charity. She also said…

“We are seeking to put our arms around nurses and midwives across the world.”

Called me biased, but I cannot think of a better mission for nurses than that right now.

The foundation has wanted to expand its reach in order to help the professions globally for a long time.

The educational initiatives and scholarships have assisted UK-based health professionals for decades now, (the foundation began in 1929) and the same principles can be used to “offer solutions” and “leadership development opportunities” to colleagues around the world, (italics the words of Dame Moores).

A launch event is scheduled for April 2022, however, more details will be released in the interim.

I shall be keeping a close eye, so watch this space…

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