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Alongside shoes, a quality set of scrubs is a must if you want to get through your day feeling comfortable.

However, finding the right fit for petite frames can be difficult. Unintentionally buy something too large, and not only will your clothing be unflattering, but the length could also get in your way.

The good news is there is a wide range of petite scrubs available these days. Furthermore, if you are nervous about buying online, the good news is, accurate size guides and previous customer reviews make it a lot easier to select the right fit for you. is especially useful with a large number of petite options on offer. However, with choice overload, determining the best can be a headache. That’s where this review roundup comes in…

Best Scrubs For Petite Women

Grey's Anatomy Signature 2218 Women's Midrise Straight Leg Cargo Pant (Bahama, XX-Small Tall)
Cherokee Scrubs for Women Mock Wrap Top with 3 Pocket, Back Princess Seams WW610, M, Navy
Grey's Anatomy Signature 2218 Women's Midrise Straight Leg Cargo Pant (Bahama, XX-Small Tall)
Cherokee Scrubs for Women Mock Wrap Top with 3 Pocket, Back Princess Seams WW610, M, Navy
Grey's Anatomy Signature 2218 Women's Midrise Straight Leg Cargo Pant (Bahama, XX-Small Tall)
Grey's Anatomy Signature 2218 Women's Midrise Straight Leg Cargo Pant (Bahama, XX-Small Tall)
Cherokee Scrubs for Women Mock Wrap Top with 3 Pocket, Back Princess Seams WW610, M, Navy
Cherokee Scrubs for Women Mock Wrap Top with 3 Pocket, Back Princess Seams WW610, M, Navy

When buying a new set of scrubs designed for petite frames; fit, comfort, and function are the most important factors. Let’s not forget style and color too of course.

Below you will find my picks for the best scrub tops and pants currently available that cater to small sizes. The selection is based on my discussion with colleagues, as well as in-depth research on verified customer reviews.

These are the results…

Best Scrub Pants for Petite Sizes

1. BARCO Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Pant with 6 Pockets

My top pick scrub pants for petite women are the Grey’s Anatomy 6-Pocket Petite Scrub Pants.

The size range is great on these, with the smallest fit being xx-small. Importantly for petite women, all sizes have a short-length option.

The design is very stylish (in my middle-aged eye, so be warned 🙂 ), with the pants sitting lower on the leg while also featuring a pinched leg opening.

The real bonus here from a stylish point of view is the range of colors available. A total of 12 choices are provided by Grey’s Anatomy in the petite size, meaning you can even mix these pants with a top from another brand.

The chances are you will find a color to match.

The pants are made with a moister-wicking, comfortable fabric that is easy to wipe dry, and clean. They also have an adjustable drawstring waist and an elastic back.

Another great feature is the six different storage pockets. This enables you to carry a number of different items on your person, with the side zip cargo pocket being great for items such as your phone or purse.

Quick Pros

  • Xx-small available with petite leg option on all waist sizes
  • Multiple color choices
  • Modern tailoring
  • 6 sturdy pockets with a cargo zip included amongst them

Quick Cons

  • The shape isn’t particularly flattering for curvier figures

2. Jaanuu Moto Pant

jaanu pant

The Jaanuu range of scrub clothes is impressive, with the high quality making them popular for nurses of all sizes.

For petite women, there is the Moto Pant that is available in x-small.

There are fewer colors available when compared to my top pick pant from Barco Grey’s Anatomy, however, the choices are still varied enough for most tastes in my opinion.

The pant features sturdy zippers and two-way stretch fabric that is both comfortable and practical in equal measures, (read some of the user reviews to see how many nurses have raved about the comfort factor here.

Tears, ride-ups, and shifting are kept to a minimum, which in this case is a benefit over the Grey’s Anatomy pants, which can drop too low and reveal too much on wider hips.

Another reason the Moto pant made my list is the moisture-wicking properties that they contain.

The pants resist moisture and can wick away excess fluids, a sanitary must in any healthcare environment.

If you’re a fan of Jaanuu you might want to consider a scrub top from the Julie Collection. This has colors to match the Moto pant and will look great in combination.

Quick Pros

  • Moisture-wicking material
  • ForminaFlex fabric that stretches rather than shifts or pulls

Quick Cons

  • More expensive than my other picks
  • Fewer colors are available when compared to the Grey’s Anatomy pant

3. FIGS Livingston Scrub Pants

Another high-quality scrub pant, this time from FIGS.

Called the Livingston series, these pants come in a range of sizes, and importantly for petite women, the xx-small waist has a petite length option.

The pants provide what you need out of scrub pants in that they are both stylish, while also being made from a breathable material that is easy to wipe clean.

To adjust around the waist the pants have a drawstring, elastane band. The overall style is classed as a flat stretch knit yoga waistband, (you learn something every day).

This adds to the snugness of the fit and helps to prevent shifting and dropping of the pants as you work. Much like yoga pants do.

The reinforced double-needle stitching also helps to prevent annoying tears, making the longevity of these pants reliable, (this is a comment that comes up frequently in the reviews).

The pants feature two pockets on the back making them less versatile than the other pants I have reviewed here, however, sometimes less is preferred. I mean, how many items do you want to carry in your pants anyway, right?

Overall, a great pair of scrub pants that cater for petite women splendidly.

Quick Pros

  • Great tailoring with double stitched seams for strength
  • Yoga waist styling with elasticated draw
  • The breathable, easy wipe material

Quick Cons

  • Only 4 colors are available
  • Just two rear pockets on this scrub pant

Best Scrub Tops for Petite Sizes

1. CHEROKEE Women’s Mock Wrap Top Mock Wrap Top

A scrub top from Cherokee gets my recommended top pick. This quality petite option is both affordable and comes in a great range of colors.

22 choices, in fact, making this a versatile one from a style point of view and can easily be matched with scrub bottoms from different brands.

It has an xx-small option, however, this does not come in varying lengths, (so check the size chart on the sales page before you buy).

The scrub top is designed in a mock wrap style, (hence the actual name). This provides the wearer with handy side vents for a more relaxed and comfortable wearing experience.

Storage is provided via two patch pockets. There is also a third interior pocket for concealing an item. You also get the logo label with an obligatory bungee loop so that your name tag can be attached to the top.

An instrument loop is also in place so that you store your pen with ease. Essentially, Cherokee has thought of everything here, hence it being my best scrub top for petite women.

Quick Pros

  • Xx-small option with 22 color choices
  • Lots of storage options, including bungee hoop, name clips, and loop for your pen.
  • Mock wrap top styling with side vents for more comfortable wear

Quick Cons

Some customers have stated it runs small (which is great petite wearers of course), so look at the size chart to choose the correct one for you.

2. WonderWink Women’s Wonderflex Patience Scrub Top

Another great scrub top for petite wearers now, this time from WonderWink.

I really like the styling of these actually. With a ton of colors to choose from (27 in fact) and some really nice stitching motifs around the neckline and pockets, this is a scrub top that I would recommend for all size wearers.

That being said, the fact these come in xx-small, and x-small petite, means women of smaller sizes are well catered for.

The manufacturing quality is good, with the top featuring a banded front yoke and reinforced seams to make them extra durable.

A triple-blend of cotton (52 percent), polyester (45 percent), and spandex (3 percent), has been used so that attributes such as strength, flexibility, and breathability are all present and correct.

The low spandex count also means that the top is less figure-hugging than some other options available, (a good or bad thing depending on your view).

As mentioned, I really like the stitching around the front patch pockets. One negative is that these are not particularly deep. The triple pocket on the right-hand side is a great addition mind you.

Again, you should check the size recommendations. The scrub top is said to run quite short, so if you have a longer torso, the coverage around your midriff may be slight.

This is only a minor qualm, and again likely to not be relevant for petite wearers.

Quick Pros

  • Great size options for petite wearers, including the fact the top runs short
  • 27 colors available
  • Lovely styling, with stitching motifs throughout

Quick Cons

  • Pockets are not very deep
  • Doesn’t have the extras such as pen hoops that you’ll find on the Cherokee scrub top

3. KOI Basics Petite Medical Scrub Top

The final scrub top for petite women to make my top picks is The KOI Basics Petite Medical Scrub Top.

This classic v-neck design top comes in a range of 18 colors and is a reliable choice at the price point.

Like my preferred choice from Cherokee, this top has multiple pockets alongside handy features such as a bungee loop for easy ID access.

An extra touch here, however, is the hidden cell phone pocket. A great way to keep your phone with you, without it being visible.

Multi-needle stitching has been used on all seams for a high-quality finish, that should stand the test of time.

The top is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. The mix of materials includes 5% microfiber spandex for the stretchability a nurse needs at work.

The fact sizing begins at xx-small (with a back length of 25.5 inches), means petite buyers are well catered for. What more do you need?

Quick Pros

  • Simple and elegant v-neck styling
  • 18 colors available
  • Great pocket and loop options including a concealed pocket for cell phone

Quick Cons

  • Less popular than the Cherokee option
  • More expensive than my top pick scrub top
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