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The range of study tools has proved very popular in recent years. unfortunately, when I was studying (back in the distant past 🙂 ) online study aids were in their infancy. What was available was basic at best.

That has changed now of course and there are several competing paid resources available.

So how does hold up? That’s exactly what I am going to discuss today. After gaining access to the full range of study tools available (including the resource library, NCLEX style practice questions, and the new app) I cannot wait to give you all the lowdown on what I thought.

Of course, the value of my opinion may not amount to much. For this reason, I have also researched online to see what current and former students think about, and how it fares in the general marketplace.

Whether you are at the start of nursing school, about to take the NCLEX, or are looking for a refresher, you will get an insight into exactly what it has to offer and whether it is a viable option amidst all of the competition.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started.


TERMS : 2 Year Subscription, with Unlimited Accesss

The Pros
  • Affordable with 2 years unlimited access
  • 2000 HD Video tutorials, podcasts, and guides
  • 6500+ Nursing Practice Questions
  • Personalized Study Plans, customizable quizzes, Facebook Group
  • Study on the move with App
  • The SIMCLEX, NCLEX test simulator
The Cons
  • SIMCLEX results can knock your confidence.
  • A minority of users have faced technical issues signing up.
Overall, I highly recommend With the very affordable 2-year subscription plan it is literally bursting at the seams with resources. It provides everything a student nurse could need in regards to helping them study and pass the NCLEX exam, (and a whole lot more besides). I just wish it were around when I needed it earlier in my career.

What is

nursing logo, is a highly popular nursing-orientated education website.

In fact, they are one of the largest resources currently available, specifically designed to help nurses in the U.S get into and pass nursing school.

At the time of writing over 270,000 students have utilized the platform to pass the NCLEX®, and succeed as new graduates in the workplace.

Experienced nurses can also benefit from the service as there are modules designed to facilitate those that require further education to advance their careers.

What can you expect after signing up for the NRSNG Academy?

The academy curriculum is bursting at the seams with content. However, the great thing is that so much has been put together in an intuitive manner. It is possible to work through it without being overwhelmed as to the sheer amount of it.

I shall get onto the specifics shortly. The important benefit to understand is that you can choose options and work at your own pace in line with your needs and time constraints.

Let’s take a closer look at what the subscription service offers.

A total of 29 available courses with + HD videos

There are currently 29 courses with on-demand HD videos available within the academy, (and apparently more are in the pipeline.)

HD video lessons are taught by experienced and professional nursing educators. This is important as the delivery and format of the lessons is done to a very high standard.

Information is presented in a clear and precise manner and the videos are ultimately really engaging. I was impressed for sure and not for the first time while using the platform wished it had been around when I was starting out.

Study tools are attached to each lesson of the course (amounting to over 6000 tools and references), to help ensure that what you’re learning about is being understood and retained. Modules Include:

  • Cardiac
  • EKG
  • Fundamentals
  • GI/GU
  • Hematology/Oncology/Immunology
  • Integumentary
  • Lab Values
  • MedMaster Pharmacology
  • Mental Health
  • Metabolic/Endocrine
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neuro
  • OB
  • Pediatrics
  • Respiratory
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Communication for Nurses
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Health Assessments
  • EENT
  • Nursing Skills
  • Medical Terminology and Test Taking

Personalized Study Plans

An aspect that can really help the efficiency (and therefore overall success) of your learning is personalized study plans.

These can easily be created within the dashboard of your login area. As I mentioned earlier, being able to organize the content in such a way, really does reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed due to having too much to tackle.

Not only that, but it will also reduce your study time too. You’re basically focusing on what’s important.

The platform allows you to create these plans based on nursing concepts, body systems, or specific topics.

You can then organize them in order of priority, set due dates for completion, as well as track your progress and understanding of key concepts.

All of this is there, ready and accessible, each time you log in.

Practice Study Questions

Watching course videos, listening to instructors, and working through resources is one thing. Knowing that the knowledge is there while taking the NCLEX exam, or working in a hospital under pressure is another.

Recall takes practice and for that, provides over 5000+ Nursing Practice Questions for you to test just how much of the information is being retained.

These also help prepare you for the format and types of questions to expect when you take the exam. In fact, the test center deserves a special mention.

The Test Center class their Test Center as “state of the art.” Hyperbole aside, it is a very useful tool to help ascertain your progress and just how much you are learning.

A subscription gives you access to their patent-pending adaptive NCLEX simulator. The SIMCLEX offers practice NCLEX exams (that you can attempt 3 times) that replicate the conditions (as far as format and questions) that you will experience when you take the exam for real.

As far as preparation goes, it doesn’t get much better.

That being said, a minority of users have found that the SIMCLEX results did knock their confidence, however, they ended up passing comfortably in the real exam. The discrepancy was counter-productive basically.

The Clinical Library App

The majority of your study will happen on your laptop or (if you still have one) desktop computer.

However, for access to materials while on the move (in the park, your daily commute, breaks between classes) there is also the Clinical Library App.

This includes a wealth of resources in an easy-to-use mobile phone application. In fact, over 6000 study resources, including mnemonics, study cheat sheets, audio and video guides, care plans, and pathocharts can be accessed.

In my opinion, the usefulness of this did vary. Yes, it is great that you have the option to access all this information, however, for some (such as cheat sheets and practice questions) I would argue that you are much better placed to go through these while in a study environment using a larger screen, than on a crowded bus for example. (I speak from experience on that.)

On the other hand, access to podcasts and video guides is excellent for public transport and other places you can put on the headphones while on the move.

NURSING.COM Subscription Prices

prices provides some great deals on their subscription packages. For a start, you can trial the entire platform for 3 days at no cost.

They also provide a flexible monthly plan at $39, so that you can signup on a rolling monthly basis.

However, to really get the benefits of the best deal, the 2-year plan offers a 50% discount. With that, you have unlimited access to all materials for a full 2 years.

Comparison of Plan Content

plan comparison

Pros of
  • Very affordable with 2 years unlimited access (via Amazon deal)
  • 2000 HD Video tutorials, podcasts, and guides
  • 6500+ Nursing Practice Questions
  • ScrubCheats
  • Access to busy Facebook group with other students and teachers offering support
  • Personalized Study Plans and customizable quizzes
  • Study on the move with the App
  • Access to the SIMCLEX, NCLEX simulator
The Cons
  • Some users have been put off by the SIMCLEX results before taking the real exam.
  • A minority of users have experienced technical issues getting the access code to work after subscribing.

Bottom Line

Overall, I highly recommend the study platform. With the very affordable 2-year subscription plan providing a saving of 50%, it represents excellent value for money. The platform is literally bursting at the seams with resources.

It provides everything a student nurse could need in regards to helping them study to be a nurse and pass the NCLEX exam, (and a whole lot more besides). As I say, I just wish it were around when I really needed it too.

About Hannah Drake

Hannah Drake, RN, CSP is a registered nurse and owner and founder of Nurse Focus. Her nursing career spans almost two decades, and in that time she has developed her skill base across a variety of settings, including med surg nursing, clinical informatics system administration and implementation, and healthcare community management. Contact Hannah.

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